Stainless Steel Folding Door 不袗摺疊門

Greatworth Industrial Ltd. 大才實業有限公司 presents:

Stainless Steel Folding Door

(HKSAR Invention Patent No. 1034859)

Beautiful in appearance, modern in design, fully secured ,this is a space saving patented utility stainless steel folding door,especially suitable for tight space such as at the ends of fire escape corridors built to the minimum dimension required by F.S.D. Remember this name: " Eu-Gene" stainless steel folding door. 外形美觀,防盜性能高,慳地方,既實用又新穎之專利不袗摺疊門,尤其適用於消防通道僅及最低標設計的兩端的住戶。毋忘 : "百姓家"不袗摺疊門
When we open the En-Gene stainless steel folding door, the swing gate is controlled by the upper and lower guide idler and covered with cover plates ensure security purpose. 當要打開摺疊門時,門扇上的上,下導輪在上,下導軌中滾動,使門扇摺疊,完成開門過程。更有蓋板遮蓋左,右門扇的門縫,達到防盜,防透光的性能。

En-gene stainless steel folding door, including a doorframe having upper and lower guide rail and two left and right door leafs, having upper and lower guide idler, wherein the two door leafs and the left door leaf are hinged with the doorframe respectively, characterized in that the right door leaf is provied with an upper-lower lock whose spring bolts are insertable in the upper and lower guide rail respectively, the right side of the frame of the doorframe is provided with a slot in which the right door leaf is inserted upon closing, and the right door leaf is provided with a cover plate at its left side so as to cover the gap bewteen the left and right door leafs upon closing. The present utility model can open and close smoothly and occupies less space with beautiful appearance, and thereby can be used as dwelling house doors, and fire fighting passage doors.

"百姓家" 不袗摺疊門,包恬帶有上,下導軌的門框和上,下導輪的左、右兩個門扇,兩個門扇及左、右兩個門扇與門框之間分別以門鉸相連,特徵及優點如下: 右門扇內裝有天地鎖,其上,下鎖舌可分別插入上,下導軌內 右門扇左側有蓋板,在門扇關閉時,蓋板可以遮蓋左,右門扇的門縫,可以防止門縫透光及防撬 啟閉自如,右門扇裝有內藏式內拉手及把手式外拉手