Greatworth Industrial Ltd. 大才實業有限公司(GIL)

Brief History 發展摘要

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Established in Hong Kong since 1990, GIL has evolved from the status of an approved supplier of the Hong Kong Housing Authority for metal collapsible gates and stainless steel doors to that of a registered builder holding a specialist recognition in fabrication and installation of structural steel works. Currently, GIL is intensively developing an innovative and patented product, a structural steel element with a trademark "Eugene". This product has a very extensive application and is considered particulary suitable for use as building materials for the erection of exhibition booths.

大才實業有限公司成立於1990年, 由房屋署拉閘、不袗門認可供應商發展 至持有認可之制造及安裝鋼結構工程專業承建商。現時,大才實業正全面 發展革新及已取專利之金屬結構件,以商標 "百姓家" 及 "Eu-Gene" 為主。 "百姓家" 產品以廣泛用途及配合展覽會攤位安置系統為主。

Product Guide

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