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Advertisement Fixtures

Do you have a sliding gate to your office entrance? Does it look like this photo to the right? How do you feel? Are you comfortable with the emptiness invoked in your mind by this open design of a gate frame which renders no aesthetical appeal?

貴公司寫字樓門外是否裝有摺閘 , 其外貌是否與右圖同該開放式的閘框設計 , 不修翩幅的處理 , 曾否給予你空白一片的感覺 ?

Look at the gate photos to the left, examples of good treament, at least a sign of care about details, irrespective of unpromising areas. By putting up a logo panel or anything similar, the feeling of emptiness is eliminated and the gate is hidden behind appealing features when office hours begin.

請看看左面的圖片, 這是巨細無遺 , 不論顯眼與否 , 都精心處理的例子. 只要加造一幅貴公司的商號招牌板於適當位置 , 空白的感覺立即消除 . 辦公時間 , 閘門可以推進招牌板後使之藏而不露 .

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