Workstation Module, "Eu-Gene"

Greatworth Industrial Ltd. 大才實業有限公司 presents:

"Eu-Gene" Workstation Module 工作檯系列

Each workstation offers height adjustable desk top,finger tip access to telephone, power and computer service.

A typical 'Eu-Gene' design with desk top

A single module Function 功能選擇:

Easy to install & dismantle.

Convenient hooking of file tray and stationery holders.

A Single Unit
Top ledge for stacking documents

Nice looking top ledge for stacking files,CD cassette and computer components such as printer.

Two adjacent modules

Existing feature provides concealed conduit for wiring to computer set up and table lighting.

The final appearance is dictated only by users' creation.

Double Units

Ingenious design of pillars provides a flexible means for organizing workstation into single module or integrated modules of two,three,four or even more in a group arrangment.

A four module design

Durable components manufactured from electrostatic galvanised steel plates.

Four Units

Appearance 表面處理:

Wide range of colours provided by powder coating finish applied on electrostatic galvanised steel rolled sections.

A single module A standard piece of works.

Glazing and fabric mounted panel option.

Colour patterns generated by insertion of powdered coated plates into tubes can be changed by re-arrangement at will.

Standard Panel

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