1. Meaningful contribution to society

    To work for a meaningful contribution to the society and to satisfy the need of the society are the principal reasons for the existence of an enterprise and its further development. The need of the society is demonstrated in the market's demand and the market's established behaviour. The market's demand affects the manufactured product of an enterprise and the market's established behaviour regulates the conduct of an enterprise. An enterprise wishing to be accepted by the society should launch proper products manufactured in proper manner and sold through proper channel. As an old Chinese saying goes : "Take proper profit through proper conduct", otherwise, the pursuit of efficiency has no justifiable interpretation for a company of quality.
    滿足社會的需要是企業生存和發展的主要條件,社會需要表現為市場需求, 市場規范等等。市場需求作用于企業的產品,市場規范則作用于企業行為, 以合適的方式生產銷售合適的產品,這樣的企業才被社會所接納,正所謂 取財有道,否則企業追求效益的本質就無從談及。

  2. Identity

    A prominent identity established for the products of an enterprise is a conveyance vehicle to propagate their useful value to the society through market and to project the uniqueness of their image. It conveys not only the character of the enterprise to the public but also the objective thinking of its operator. The target is to enhance recognition of the product by the society to raise the price tag for the enterprise. An innovative concept inherent with the development of a unique product, the superiority in quality and price comparison, and good after sales service and communication with users are the path to establishing a prominent identity.
    企業的產品為載體,通過市場向社會傳遞其存在的價值,具有獨特形象的產 品,能傳達企業的個性,能傳達經營者的用心。從而增進社會對產品的認同, 進一步實現企業的價值觀。獨到的產品開發創意,優越的性能/價格比,良好 的營銷服務與溝通都是建立名牌的途徑。

  3. Survival ability through crisis

    It is essential to possess an ability to face any crisis that may occur. An enterprise may possess a perpetual property but can never have a perpetual product. Survival of the fittest is the fundamental motto in the play of market economy. The fittest can be categorised into "active" and "passive". Those who are clever adapts to a crisis with active reaction but those who are not bright resort to seeking for mercy. To channel spending by the public in manners as one desires is the highest realm of tactic play for the enterprise who chooses to participate actively in the market.
    即使有永恆的產業,也沒有永恆的產品,適者生存是市場經濟的基本遊戲規則, 適者有主動和被動之分,明智則主動適應,愚味則被動求憐,引導消費是企業 主動適應市場的最高境界。

  4. Sustained growth

    To maintain growth, the ability to keep up with continued development is an important economic issue. To cope with this, the whole world has to respond, every nation has to respond and an enterprise also has to respond. The binding together of short term and long term interests into one unified objective and the orientation of oneself to act in concert with the situation encountered are the inherent elements that are staring at an enterprise with mesmerization effect. It is always difficult to deduce a proper response and to impose a timely measure. Whoever responds better and reacts emphatically is always the one who will achieve long-term sustained growth.
    可持續發展是重要的經濟課題,全球要回應,各國要回應,一個企業同樣要回應。 近期和長遠利益的統一,自身與環境的協調,這些基本問題受到種種迷惑,往往 難以正確回應和及時施行,誰回應得好,施行得力,誰就能長足發展。

  5. Incessant struggle to the top of the market

    To be on top of the others, the "best stays, poorest out" remains the basic rule for the play in market economy. The performance of the best is demonstrated in a good financing strength, a good adaptation to wide market fluctuation, and a strong but sustained growth. Behind all these apparent phenomena, there must be an organisational mechanism which is highly efficient, well co-ordinated and aggressive.
    優者存,劣者汰,也是市場經濟的基本遊戲規則,優者表現為經濟實力強,市場 變動大,增長勢頭猛,而表象的背後,其機體一定是高效的,協調的,進取的。

  6. Organisational stability

    A stable organisation is the basic condition for the maintenance of vitality for an enterprise. To achieve stability relies chiefly on functions, and not merely on forms.

  7. New idea and innovation

    "Get rid of the old and bring forth the new". A famous poem by former Chairman Mao Ze Dong is reproduced for the connoisseur to admire : -
    擇錄毛澤東主席名詩一首 :

    Amid the growing shades of dusk stand sturdy pine
    Riotous clouds sweep past, swift and tranquil.
    Nature has excelled herself in the Fairly Cave,
    On perilous peaks dwells beauty in her infinite variety.