Business Scope

  1. Provide assistance in design and selection of decorative materials, the main theme being "Easy to install and easy to disassemble."

    協助設計及提供裝修材料 , 以易裝易柝為主題

  2. Tailor-made shop front decorative materials with the supply of "Eu-Gene" theft-proofed collapsible gates and shop signs. This design is suitable for clients who would like to have a full view for the shop front by the use of a gate to be pushed sideway and hidden complete ly from sight.

    度身制造商舖門面裝修用料以供應防盜閘 " 百姓家 " 連招牌為主 . 目的務求舖面視野廣闊 , 摺閘平開方便及容易收藏 .

  3. Supply and install company logo sign boards outside offices. This is particularly suitable for offices which uses sliding doors at office entrances with a large unsightly gate frame. The logo sign board covers up the gate frame and serves as a cage for the sliding gate to retreat from sight.

    寫字樓外可代為裝上公司商號招牌 . 本設計最為適合用於趟門旁閘框空白地方 , 改良視覺上的美感

  4. Design and supply lofts to shops and industrial/commercial buildings with high ceilings. The lofts will be provided with access through colourful and artistic staircases, either in normal inclined design or in spiral style. Very practical in use but entirely different from conventional types.

    設計安裝閣樓 , 適用於樓底高的店舖或工商樓宇內 . 閣樓配以美觀藝術樓梯 , 可設計成一般傾斜型或旋轉型 , 實用而與眾不同.

  5. Supply all types of furnitures, picturesque picture frames, ceiling grids with hidden lighting, track lighting, display stands and anything in steel as you named it.

    供應各類型傢俱 , 精美相架 , 天花連燈飾 , 軌路插燈 , 陳列架等 .

  6. Exhibition booth design and installation.


  7. We invite interesting parties to participate in the promotion of business for this innovative products. Foods for thought include simple structure for offices, storage cabinets, rain-proofed green houses, curtain walls, new design for windows and doors and many, many more. All forms of co-operations are welcome.

    歡迎各界人仕參予此創意無窮的業務 , 即時可提供思考的包括有簡易寫字樓 , 儲物屋 , 不漏水溫室 , 幕牆 , 新款門窗 , 應有盡有, 說之不盡 . 任何形式合作均可 .